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ABA TRAVL & ENT is a full service licensed agency since 1989. We do it all, Airlines, Cruises, Car, Hotels, escorts, limos, tours, trains, tickets (Concerts, Special Events, Sports, Theater, Music, Etc), excursions, vacation packages, visas, passports, citizenship, residency (Green Card), new or renew and sponsoring. We may sponsor those that qualify under our criteria as students with "no age" limit and flexible school and work hours. We are licensed to sell travel, health & life insurance in or out of the U.S. Foreign currency without bank fees, Amex or traveler check or money orders issued by us also wire transfer services are guaranteed if you do as told & abide with our rules at all times.

ABA firm's policy is to select clients that meet our criteria as they can appreciate a service and rates like no other. We thrive on quality not quantity. To those that qualify we are available 24/7


There's no better way to travel for large groups, friends and family than a CRUISE planning group reservations is more affordable and convenient at sea. You can pick your staterooms all on the same deck, dine at the same restaurants onboard, enjoy a Broadway-style show together, and so much more. And best of all, there's something fun for everyone. When you travel as a group, the incredible experiences you share will strengthen the bonds of friendship and family forever. Mentioned peace of mind and flexibility of cruising without having to find cabs, hotels or restaurants.

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Waking up in a brand new port of call is part of the unique thrill of cruising while at night you enjoy dancing, fine restaurants, theaters and fun activity going to bed when you want. You'll have exciting and great opportunities while on shore ,Jungle safaris, historic city tours, Bears, dolphins, whales, encounters and other exotic animals, are just a few of the exciting shore excursions you can add to your package.

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